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Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Need Help?

Can’t change your screen and storm panels in your storm door?

The light bulbs in your ceiling are too high to reach?

The smoke alarm batteries need to be changed?

Have a minor problem that you just can’t fix yourself?

Two inches of snow is more than you can do?   

The Harrington Helping Hands would be happy to assist you!

Please call: Bob Harley - 215-721-1107(evenings)
Al Wilkinson  - 215-721-4310
Stan Pauloski - 215-723-7385
They can give you the name of a volunteer to help.

Red Spinning Coil

RADON testing questions?  See below this listing.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Recycling information on electronics and other items is available at the following site.

Collection events are held at various dates throughout the year, at several locations within the county.




PLEASE NOTE:  The businesses and their numbers below are strictly for your discretionary use and are in no way endorsed by the Harrington Village Board of Directors. 
Builder:W.B.Homes, Inc.  
404 SUMNEYTOWN PIKE, SUITE 200Fax 215-699-2722
NORTH WALES, PA 19454  215-699-0800
TownPhoneComment/ Reference
Air Conditioning 
C & C HeatingSouderton215-799-0515Thru WBHomes
Good, IncSouderton215-723-1141 
I. T. LandesHarleysville215-256-4221 
Appliances - New & Repairs
N. F. Landis & Son, IncSouderton215-723-6722 
Bergey ElectricHatfield215-723-5512 
Landis DecoratingTelford215-723-3004Board Approved
MLH Company, LLC, Titus Ave.Warrington215-343-7401Board Approved
Cabinet Work
Quality SSC (Keith) 610-494-2700Thru WBHomes
Carpentry & Wainscoating
Bob Kelly 215-257-5744 
Clean Cut Carpentry - Dan Lewandoski 267-261-8738 
Carpeting & Flooring
Roy LomasKulpsville215-256-9575Thru WBHomes
Bee-Jay CarpetsLansdale215-855-5757 
 Abram Bergey & Sons, Inc Harleysville 215-256-8846 McDonoughs; Cmoreys 
Carpet and/or Upholstery Cleaning
Ben Crowle Services 610-630-3936 
Kent Whipple 610 584 1401 
Tim Long 1-843-971-0538 
Denny's Carpet & Floor Care 215-536-9580 
Computer Problems
Network ConceptsSouderton215-723-3495 
James Coyne IVHatfield267-210-2451 
Larry NguyenLansdale215-368-6029 
Counter Tops
Abram Bergey & Sons, Inc Harleysville215-256-8846 
Driveway Maintenance
Dennis W. Smith 610-292-0515 
Duct Cleaning/ Dryer Vent Cleaning
Moyer's Indoor Air CareTelford215-630-1055 
Sal's Appliance Repair  267-688-5349Discount for multiple neighbors
Electrical Work
Brothers Electric 610-359-3742Thru WBHomes
Bergey ElectricHatfield215-723-5512 
Indian Creek Electric (Tim Johnson) 215-721-8644 
Front Door Side Panel - Stylized insert
Fireplace Repair & Maintenance
Fireside Hearth & Home 610-277-7474Thru WBHomes
Wood Heat - Jamie MatthewsQuakertown610-346-7894 
Garage Door Repairs
Girard's Garage Door ServicesLehigh Valley800-836-2924 The Terwilligerswww.garagedoorsvc.com
K. J. DoorsTelford215-723-5800 The Cmoreys
Blake Holly/ Garage DoorsE.Greenville215-669-7174Bob Holly
ICR Specialties, 3230 Souderton Pk/P.Miller,ownerHatfield215-723-8081The Sudduths
C & CSouderton215-799-0515Thru WBHomes
Good, IncSouderton215-723-1141 
I. T. LandesHarleysville215-256-4221 
House Cleaning
The Cleaning Crew (Lisa) 267-288-7168 
Home Maintenance/ Renovations
Key/Lock Service
Craig Locksmith Service 215-699-4107 
Painting - Interior
Misero Painting (Mike Misero) 267-249-8426Thru WBHomes
Sinn Painting Inc.Souderton215-368-9811 
Joel HoffmanLansdale215-362-6046 
Daryl ClemmerHarleysville215-256-6437  
Matt Leibowitz 215-256-0186 
Precision Painting Co., Richard Altner 610-847-8662 
Dennis M. Stricker PaintingWarminster215-343-2536Jim Sweeneyhttp://www.strickerpainting.com/
Worth Company 267-362-1100Thru WBHomes
Bill Lewis 215-723-7467 
Good, IncSouderton215-723-1141 
I. T. LandesHarleysville215-256-4221 
Power Washing - Siding
James SaylorSilverdale215-453-3707 
Frankenfield's New Britain215-340-1126 
Power WashersLansdale215-460-6174 
Grande Power WashingNorristown484-744-1585

Meryle Beck -meticulous & "Outstanding"

David & Jacob Grande
Roof Fan Installation
Indian Creek Electric (Tim Johnson) 215-721-8644 
Roof Repairs
Steve Ennis-Bridgeton Home Improvments 610-982-0149 
John MoyerQuakertown215-538-6174 
 ICR Specialties, 3230 Souderton PikeHatfield215-723-8081The Sudduths 
Soft Wash Cleaningwww.softwashplatoon.com the HarleysCleans roof & stucco
Trash/ Recycling
Ches-Mont - SEE Separate Info on this site page below
Daryl ClemmerHarleysville215-256-6437  
Water Heaters
Worth Company 267-362-1100Thru WBHomes
Good, IncSouderton215-723-1141 
I. T. LandesHarleysville215-256-4221 
Window Replacement
Demar (Frank DiAugustine) 610-692-3993Thru WBHomes
Steve Parsons (SilverLine Window)Quakertown267-733-0550 Per Nancy Ruddin6/12/2013
Silver Line Service Center 1-800-234-4228Bill Welsh5/17/2012
Rick Maddox, Atlantic Building ProductsQuakertown215 - 538 -2333/ 215-350-0536Installation. See email belowthe Ricci's
Window Washing  
Mark/Clean'n'ClearHorsham215-680-9179CmoreysVery dependable
Frankenfield's New Britain215-340-1126 
C Thru Window Washing/James SaylorSilverdale215-453-3707 
Gilbert Window CleaningTelford215-721-2166 
Ben Crowle Services 610-630-3936 
WOW! Window Cleaning Revere, PA 610-847-4900Chris Michele 


Make the switch to Ches-Mont Disposal and start saving TODAY!

  • COLLECTION TIME - recyclables must be placed for collection the night before the scheduled collection day
  • PREPARATION - bottles, cans, and plastic may be mixed together in the recycle bin. All items must be empty, free of food residue, and no lids. The newspaper should be placed in a brown paper bag or bundled and tied with string and then placed next to the recycle bin. Do not over fill as the wind will distribute the papers around your neighborhood.
  • GLASS - we accept clear, green, and brown glass. DO NOT recycle dishes, light bulbs, drinking glasses, pyrex, ceramics or window glass.
  • CANS - this includes aluminum, tin, and bi-metal cans. DO NOT recycle foil trays, scrap aluminum, or aluminum foil.
  • PLASTICS - this includes #1 through #7 plastics. (plastics are marked on the bottom of the container in a triangle made of arrows-indicated in the arrows would be a #1 through #7 or marked with the initials PET or HDPE)
  • NEWSPAPER - included with the recycling of newspaper would be any glossy print, junk mail, magazines, phone books, office/copy paper. Cardboard is acceptable but please bundle into stacks no bigger than 10 inches thick by 2 feet by 2 feet. DO NOT recycle any cartons which have a foil layer. Do not include any Styrofoam.
  • Please DO NOT over fill any containers - The material will fall out while we are servicing or will be blown around your neighborhood. We cannot be responsible if over loaded.
  • Thank you for your business and environmental awareness!!!

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Again, a Little Help from your Friends?

Can’t change your screen/storm panels in your storm door?

Ceiling light bulbs too high to reach?

Smoke alarm batteries need changing?

Have a minor problem you just can’t fix yourself?

1 1/2 inches of snow more than you can do?   

The Harrington Helping Hands are happy to assist you!

Please call:

Bob Harley-215-721-1107(evenings)
Al Wilkinson  - 215-721-4310
Stan Pauloski - 215-723-7385
They can give you the name of a volunteer to help.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

* *

Radon is an invisible and odorless radioactive gas which occurs naturally from decaying uranium underneath the earth's surface.Though you cannot see, smell or taste radon, it is present and may be a problem in your home.  The unit of measure used to quantify the concentration of radon is the "picocurie".  Concentrations above 4 picocuries are considered unsafe environments.  Four homes in Harrington Village were recently tested for radon gas and all were above 4 picocuries.  When this occurs, mitigation is recommended which is a method used to draw off radon gas from beneath the house and discharge it into the atmosphere thereby lowering the concentration indoors. It should be noted that all of the homes tested ( that I am aware of) had basements.  However, according to the literature on this subject, homes without basements may also display high concentrations of radon.  There is a simple and relatively inexpensive test available to determine the average level in an area.  A kit containing two test containers is available from Home Depot and other stores for about $10.  The containers are opened and placed in the lowest living area of your home (or basement if you have one) and left alone for four(4) days (96 hours). The containers are then closed and sent to a testing laboratory in the supplied mailer along with your payment of $30.  The lab will analyze the containers and send you the results.      PLEASE NOTE:  In some cases, the ARC committee will need to be notified.  As a precaution, please notify them PRIOR to making arrangements for any outside installation.    Thank you.

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