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Gavel Banging 

Welcome to our Harrington Village Web Site!!!

The Board of Directors feel that this web site is one more step towards improving our communication with our residents. While we will continue to place important events on the Bulletin board next to the mailboxes, this site will also serve to communicate on events, changes to the community, lists of committee members, and needed updates.

Our Board typically meets the last Wednesday of each month.  If you have concerns or comments, please pass those to any one of our Board members prior to that meeting.  
Please check your emails for recent changes forwarded from those meetings.

 The Harrington Village Executive Board
would like to thank those residents who are taking an active role in the care of your community!

Thank you,

The Board of Directors

Marie Ciampa, Treasurer -Term Ends June 2020

Al Wilkinson, President -Term Ends June 2019

Barb Bottone, Vice Pres. -Term Ends June 2021

Harrington Village Executive Board

~ 2019 ~

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